Murals & Window Painting
Let's adorn the windows and walls of your business or home for a truly magical experience.
A mural concept that is painted on a large brick wall. The artwork features a cosmic archway with all seeing eye at the top. There are vibrant plants on either side and the sun rises behind the scene. Inside the portal archway is a starry night scene with clouds and twinkling stars. There is magical smoke coming out of the windows in shades of purple filled with twinkles and stars and two crescent moons complete the artwork. This is a mural mockup made by Michigan Based Artist Kelsey DeLange and is available for purchase.
Magic Portal Mural Concept

Have a wall that you wish was a magical portal beyond? I can help with that. This cosmic portal mural concept is available for the right person looking to add cosmic enchantment to their space.
Morning Ritual Coffee Bar
Hand painted, custom designed window displays for Grand Rapids coffee shop.
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